Monday, October 4, 2010

Romantic Era

We are now in the homecoming stretch of wedding planning. This is the most exciting part! Here are some glimpses into what this week is looking like:

A long walk around the lake, ending with a jar of hot chili and hot apple cider. Mmm, what a fun date!

Recruit Cass and I have been tanning a lot, and today she used tingly lotion. It opens the blood vessels, making the blood rush to the surface of the skin and creating a lot darker effects.

We're still trying to keep up with school as we prepare for the wedding. That means four papers, lots of homework, hours of classroom, a concert coming up Sunday to practice for, and at least two pilates sessions.

On Thursday night we have our bachelor and bachelorette parties. The boys are spending it in Omaha, and the girls are in Cancun-kinda. Gonna be a wild night!!

Two of the dances we have Saturday are choreographed. So we are practicing that every chance we get. You can tell we are into music, can't you? :D

Candy Man and I are welcoming in a lot of friends and family from all over. On Friday they will all start arriving. We are super excited to see some people we haven't seen in years!! That's gonna be one of the best parts of our wedding.

Starting tomorrow I will have tons of pictures so that you can follow us in our adventures. Au Revoir!


Gloria said...

Can't wait!!!!