Monday, October 25, 2010

In Which We Get Honeymooned.

This is a funny picture, but it's pretty much the best ever
mulled cider. And it is wine at the same time. I couldn't
figure it out. Yummy!

This was our cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. We stayed
at Evergreen cabins on Fall River. It was stunning.

We saw a few big-horned sheep. That was really
awesome!! They were not timid, although they
usually never come near people. They knew
we were honeymoon VIP :)

Me kinda posing on the rocks outside our cabin. The
weather was much colder than Nebraska, but it was
beautiful. Really. The cold ought to stay in Colorado.

This was the amulet charm Aaron got me. It has an
intrinsic design on the front. Aaron's is similar, but
on the back it says, In silence one hears all.

Aaron got some yummy burgers on our trip. I haven't had that
much meat in a very long time. It was really good.

When we arrived at our cabin, we got this sweet welcome
letter and apple cider. Thanks guys!!

And here is where we spent our weekend. It was
so scenic, I'm sure we're going back once a year.

What's Halloween season without a few scares from your
HUSBAND? Thanks Candy Man!

He compensated with a ride on the porch swing. This was
probably my favorite day of all. We had a lot of fun,
the lighting was perfect, and we were just
beginning our adventure. Which made it perfect.

The leaves have really clung this year. Usually by late
October, they've already all fallen.

I just thought this picture was really cool :)

This is how the Candy Man demonstrates a mature,
married man.

The reflection on the water that day was so stunning,
gorgeous and flawless.

And... this was the view from our deck! What a
refreshing way to start a day. We had a hot tub
in the back, and each morning we were served hot cocoa
while watching the sun coming over the treetops.

The Candy Man demonstrates how to stand on a log. He
used the littlest child's head for assistance...

Again, the stunning beauty of the mountains. We saw
this from a tundra off-roader. We took a tour of
Rocky Mountain National Park with the coolest
tour guide ever! We got served beer and
margaritas as we admired the landscape.

The elk are not a timid creature. One of the elk
in this photo had a yellow collar that the tour
guide explained marked her for birth control. Apparently
she is the main population-increaser. Hmm... my family
could use that! haha

It was actually snowing in the state park. I found
this cozy nook, and hid for a few minutes. Then we built
a snowman just to say we did!

We climbed 3 miles to see this waterfall. It was worth
the trip. The view from the top was exquisite. We
could see layers of mountains, powdered in snow, and
a variety of hues from the trees.

Yes, Aaron really caused the water to gush from the
side of the mountain... yes. He has every right to look so proud.

Us at the top of our climb. See what I mean? The
air was extremely fresh, but so thin that it was hard to breathe.

Types of meat we ate: Ostrich, Elk, Buffalo,
Wild Boar, Alligator, and Kangaroo.
Aaron's favorite: Kangaroo.
My favorite: Buffalo.

I'll have more soon. Along with another installment. But for now, I'm exhausted, and Aaron is forcing me to 'get in the spirit' of Halloween and watch the Halloween series, introducing Jamie Lee Curtis. (I like her better with short hair, btw). And so, I'd rather be snuggling with him than updating any more tonight. Enjoy the photos!!


Bessie said...

How fun! I honeymooned in Paonia, Colorado. Glad you and your sweetie had a blast.

Rosa said...

It looks lovely - we went to Rocky Mountain last summer and had a great time.

I'm so glad you're happy and doing well, Angel.

Angel Renee said...

Hey Bessie! Where is Paonia? Colorado is an AMAZING adventure, so beautiful. I'm told we're going back once a year at least!

Thanks Rosa! The mountains are a place I'd love to call home.