Sunday, March 28, 2010

My buddy came to visit!!!

Our good friend Trevor came up to see us this weekend. We had
a blast hanging out. He lives 3 hours away so we don't see him
as often as we'd like.

We took him bowling. Aaron doesn't take the greatest pictures
when he is bowling!

I think I totally missed all the pins.

One more from tkd, cause I am just the shit.

TKD Testing

So, today I tested for my green belt in Taekwondo. It was epic, I passed with really high scores. So much fun! This is my form, Pul-Gwe II. Awesome!

T to the K to the D!!!

My workout buddy Ed and I taking a breather before testing

Ed broke my board with a hammer fist. Awesome!

Um. Ouch! haha

Snap kick

Before you actually break a board, you have to tap it, going
in slow motion the same way you plan to break the board.

Oh yeah, and we knocked out that chick on the ball earlier. :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What Has Been Keeping Me Busy