Thursday, November 26, 2009

Top 20 Thankful List-In No Particular Order

#1: I'm thankful for life moving on. See, life 20 years ago was bad, but it moved on. And life 15 years ago was questionable, but not unlivable. 3 years ago, yeah, life was unbearable. But thanks to life and moving on, this year was my best ever and it seems to keep getting that way. Thanks to life moving on I have a reason to keep living and watching what happens next.

#2: I'm thankful for the man who stands by me faithfully and loves me more than anyone I know. Who is not perfect, but is perfect to me. Who allows me to find myself and waits for me. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world for having him. I won't say who he is though, cause he tends to have a big head about it :P Love you babe.

#3: I'm thankful to be who I am. Not too short, not too tall, smart, somewhat attractive, and free spirited. Free to love who I will, to shun what I hate, and in control of my life. Free to listen to what music I want, to wear what I'd like, and to be a true friend to ALL people, not just 'my type'. Yup, I love what I'm becoming.

#4: The Fantastic 4!!! Yeah, I never plan my groups of friends, but I'm awfully glad to be in this one. Cassie, Liz and Chelsey, some of the most kick ass friends ever, know how to do James Bond things, and definitely the group I'm free to be me in. To make it sound all sentimental, cue the music for Jon & Kate Plus 8: "It may be a CRAZY life. But it's OUR life."

#5: Mom, this one's for you... but I don't really have words to describe what drives my thankfulness for you. You just have a lot of strength, and I love watching you go through the freeing process that I did. Spending time with you is much better now that I know you are going to speak your mind and not god's... Thank you.

#6: My Sanders. A friend who I can go without seeing for weeks, and when we see each other it's like we never left. One of those friends you dream about, a best friend, someone you want to invest in. Out of all my friends, this is the one who covers pretty much all areas of friendship: we ALWAYS have fun, real fun. We can talk deep. We can get personal. We can stay shallow. Pretty much the best friendship ever.

#7: I'm thankful for second chances. And third. And fourth. If God is out there waiting on me to get it right, I'm thankful he/she/it is holding out so patiently. I'm thankful for the chance to do everything I missed out on as a child. I'm thankful to stand up again and show myself that I can.

#8: I'm thankful for my music! The other language that I speak. I love to sing, it becomes the jubilee of my soul. I'm so glad that I can guiltlessly enjoy all styles of songs now.

#9: Julie DeFor, I'm beyond thankful for our friendship. Someone who listens and doesn't freak out, but understands! I've been to counseling, and this is way better. And not only that, but gives as much as she takes. It's incredible to get everything off my shoulders, and then see someone else honestly get things off hers. It's not a one way mentoring street, it's a companionship effort. And it's the best thing for me these days.

#10: I am so, so thankful for Hugh Jackman. He gives me something to dream about at night, someone to get all excited about when movies are released in theatres. Thanks to Hugh Jackman, I have a sense of worship and lots of ideas for decorating my ceiling. He is very present in my life, even though I've never met him... some godlike creature, and very worthy of it. He gives James Marsden a run for his money.

#11: I'm thankful for another man in my life...this one is so much a part of me, if I had multiple personalities, he'd be my other main one! We've known each other for nearly 7 years now. Think of every emotion you can have toward another human being, and we've shared it. In the end, I have decided that you can happily live with the man that was meant for you, but know that you have a soulmate somewhere else. Pretty freakin cool. He shall remain unamed as well because I don't want to seem pathetic sounding countless praises to him.

#12: What is with all the boys in my life?!? They take up way too much space (on here, I mean) but I can't forget them, since they are my mainstays these days. This guy is someone who anybody would be thankful to call friend. Trent is a listener. He LOOKS for a chance to be there for someone. He's one of the old souls, like me, so it's easy to converse with him. His share of grief enables him to empathize and he does so, nobly. I'm so thankful to say we've grown closer over the year and I am glad to have him as a friend.

#13: My job!!! It's so awesome to have a job that I love! No more telemarketing for me, ever. I'm amazed that out of dozens of people who would love to work at the theater and bar, I'm the one who got the job. My coworkers are pretty much stellar, and the job itself is a blast.

#14: Okay, I have another guy... the guy who sleeps on top of me (he's heavy, too). :) He's a Danish guy with a huge heart. He's the guy who makes me glad I'm a listener. Unlike a lot of guys I know, he doesn't see me as a project, or a potential significant other, or someone to worship because I know famous people, or anything like that. I get to hear about his dreams and aspirations, and it makes me feel good to be there for him. Plus his teeth are dazzling, and it's kind of awesome to be in the presence of something dazzling.

#15: I have a lot of other friends I don't see as much, but I totally would put them all here except I'm running out of room. These include my sister Emily K. (you're invited to our house warming party!), Trevor (I can't wait to go nude river dancing next month!), Amity (call me!!!!), my cousins (all of them...), Dean (you should totally sign up for TKD),

#16: I am so thankful that I met Amando, my crazy sweet friend. He was a very dear person to me, and I could go on and on about him, and not be glorifying him at all. He died in a car crash, but his memory spurs me on and motivates me to laugh often. If I had never met him, I wouldn't have sat down this autumn and reassessed what it means to be a good friend, and prioritized what I do with the rest of my relationships throughout life. Thank you Mando, and I miss you SOO much.

#17: For all the siblings, I'm thankful for every one of them. I'm thankful for what they bring to my life, for the reality of family, and for how strong our bonds really are. That we can be nothing alike, and still come back to each other in the end. Thankful for the added siblings that chose to be part of my family. I love them all and I'm glad I've got em.

#18: I'm thankful for drugs, namely Hydrocortizone and Vicodin. Pretty sure this is frowned upon by pretty much everyone, but hear me out anyway. Due to a huge amount of my friends smoking pot and doing drugs, I studied up on my drugs and decided that they are very unhealthy for human consumption. While inspiring good feelings, they create a false reality and pretty much act as a way to take you out of the real world. Therefore I don't do them. But I AM thankful for the good they do. I'll admit I would be a druggie if I could, and I'm just thankful for the self control and motivation I have not to do them. With that out of the way, I really am glad they are there, to help people who are in massive amounts of pain, and give them some sort of relief.

#19: Thanks be to the god of martial arts, for giving me what it takes to be hardcore and kickass. I love the sport. It's one of the only things I can think of that is a workout, a lesson in respect, competition, healthy defense, and fun all rolled up into one! I would be in poor shape if it weren't for my martial arts.

#20: The odds and ends. I'm thankful for my stability in the rocky economy. I'm thankful that I'm not tied down to a child or prison time. I'm thankful for President Obama and his efforts to at least inspire change. I'm thankful that I can look nice even to me. I'm thankful for social connections. I'm thankful for my phone, my boyfriend's parents, my little brother, and art. I'm thankful for my colors. And yeah, that was a lot of thankfulness, I'm kind of thankfuled out for now.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Random Conversation

The following conversation may or may not be fictional...

Angel: I think Hugh Jackman is the hottest hunk EVER!
Liz: Oh my gosh, YES!!! He's so good looking...Angel: Especially in 'Australia'.
Cass: I don't really like him that much...
Angel and Liz: How COULD you!?!

Cass: He's okay... I think Matthew McCaunaghey is
WAY better looking...
Angel: Really? I don't think he's that impressive at all.
Liz: Yeah... no... I don't know...
Angel: Now Owen Wilson, he is HOTT.
Liz: Oh, totally.
Angel: Especially his voice...
Liz: Oh, his voice makes me melt!
Angel: definitely...
Liz: (slamming hand on the table) Cassie, you just

Cass: (jumping about 2 feet high) Know what???
Angel: Haha, you didn't hear us at all
Cass: I just agreed with you!
Liz: (laughing hysterically) I scared you...
Cass: Yeah, well I'm going to throw a PACIFIER at you!

Liz: OH NO!!!

Angel: And then I'll give an encyclopedia to Cassie!!!

(Deathly Silence)
Liz and Cass: What?

These random events can be found happening somewhere far, far from
Norfolk, NE, Northeast Community College.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 Random Updates

1. I was a Can Can Dancer for Halloween. Obama thought it was funny.

2. Aaron and I took a little break, but it didn't do so good. We are
just made for each other, no question about it.

3. We are moving into a lovely house starting in December! It's
going to be a-freakin-mazing.

4. My job lets me and one guest get into movies for free. I did
not, however, go with Aaron to see this:

5. On December 5th, I will be testing for my orange-and
hopefully green-belt in Taekwondo.

6. I will take an average of 28,000 showers in my lifetime. Go Biology...

7. The whole Husker pride thing is starting to make sense to me.

8. I have really missed sending letters to my friends. And so
my penpal side is making a comeback. Want a letter? Let me know!

9. I was on tv...
...and I'll be back on soon!

10. Oh yeah... I colored my hair. It's pretty now. (ignore the black
eye, I dropped a book on my face.) Thanks Cassie!!!