Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Random Conversation

The following conversation may or may not be fictional...

Angel: I think Hugh Jackman is the hottest hunk EVER!
Liz: Oh my gosh, YES!!! He's so good looking...Angel: Especially in 'Australia'.
Cass: I don't really like him that much...
Angel and Liz: How COULD you!?!

Cass: He's okay... I think Matthew McCaunaghey is
WAY better looking...
Angel: Really? I don't think he's that impressive at all.
Liz: Yeah... no... I don't know...
Angel: Now Owen Wilson, he is HOTT.
Liz: Oh, totally.
Angel: Especially his voice...
Liz: Oh, his voice makes me melt!
Angel: definitely...
Liz: (slamming hand on the table) Cassie, you just

Cass: (jumping about 2 feet high) Know what???
Angel: Haha, you didn't hear us at all
Cass: I just agreed with you!
Liz: (laughing hysterically) I scared you...
Cass: Yeah, well I'm going to throw a PACIFIER at you!

Liz: OH NO!!!

Angel: And then I'll give an encyclopedia to Cassie!!!

(Deathly Silence)
Liz and Cass: What?

These random events can be found happening somewhere far, far from
Norfolk, NE, Northeast Community College.