Sunday, November 15, 2009

10 Random Updates

1. I was a Can Can Dancer for Halloween. Obama thought it was funny.

2. Aaron and I took a little break, but it didn't do so good. We are
just made for each other, no question about it.

3. We are moving into a lovely house starting in December! It's
going to be a-freakin-mazing.

4. My job lets me and one guest get into movies for free. I did
not, however, go with Aaron to see this:

5. On December 5th, I will be testing for my orange-and
hopefully green-belt in Taekwondo.

6. I will take an average of 28,000 showers in my lifetime. Go Biology...

7. The whole Husker pride thing is starting to make sense to me.

8. I have really missed sending letters to my friends. And so
my penpal side is making a comeback. Want a letter? Let me know!

9. I was on tv...
...and I'll be back on soon!

10. Oh yeah... I colored my hair. It's pretty now. (ignore the black
eye, I dropped a book on my face.) Thanks Cassie!!!