Monday, October 11, 2010

Bachelorette Party!!!!

The bachelorette party was the best!!

I think she wanted me.

Yes, we really did have our own stripper. No, it
wasn't Robert. Yes, I drew on him.

Robert loves everyone.

Like, really.

First of all, she has 3/4 of my heart. Second of all,
she's mine.

Remember the baby I have pictured in earlier posts? This
is her mama!! My Nashville/purple/rose loving friend
like me!

What to eat? Who to text? Lots to talk about!

Tina, my yoga instructor, made these for us. :)

So um, yes, she is my sexiest bridesmaid.

I wish I could have gotten pictures of the party. We had
a total blast!! It was at a yoga studio. We learned
some strip teases, drank mudslides, and learned
how to dance some country dances. It was the best
party ever! Afterwards we went to a restauraunt.

Some of the yummies we ate.

Did I mention my Rainbow man was at the party? He
heard what the bachelor party entailed (football and
gambling) and opted to be one of the girls. I knew he
would. He was a sexy dancer.


We got our nails done...
And this is how we found Aaron when we got
done. Yes, he's really asleep!!