Tuesday, October 12, 2010

All I Want Is Youuu

This is me with Candy Man's (and now my) Dad...
he loved the fact that he got to give away his
daughter to his son. :)

We didn't have a funnel for the unity sand, so
we had to fill it very slowly!!

Seriously, we could have been in a magazine!
At the end of the wedding ceremony, we
became so giddy the rest of the night was amazing!

My little cousin was the most lovely flower girl ever,
and our friend's little boy was a stud!

The ladies... :D

My dearest friend, Julie, suggested that I get a
family picture to make the day complete. She
thought I could get all the people who mean the most
to me. Besides my bridesmaids, of course. This is my
other momma, Lynne, my sister Em, my sister
Gloria, and my big brother James... and Neil
and Kris-aunt and uncle? It was beautiful.

The mother of the bride-she wore that title
with grace and really held me together all this year. I
love her to pieces.

The men!! What a lot of studs!

Here's the whole wedding party! Love them!

The grandparents. I'm really sad my grandma
and grandpas Chamberlin and Garrison couldn't
come. And Grandpa Bennett-whom I love with all
my heart and I know he was there for me in spirit.

Are we not the most stunning couple? He is so
freakin' cute!

On the far left you see Rainbow Man. He was MY

And... Aaron with the girls. He's such a
ladies man! haha

Those are my favorites. Later I will add reception pictures and
the silly after party pictures. Au Revoir!


W. Lotus said...

You looked beautiful (as usual)! Congratulations!