Friday, November 18, 2011

The Company I Keep

Puddles of charcoal in a burning room
I'm slow dancing
Coals glitter around me
I breathe in the toxic fumes
I love them.
No diamond here, just Ashes
My ember love

I can step out of this lethal fume
Into the clear night
See a midnight blue there
Touch the sparkling purity
Lose myself in the mythology
Of your vibrant soul

But I have too long embraced
This danger child
Now it's a smoking ruin
And still I lay in the debris
My bones are soft from soaking in you
Only because you saved me

From the brightest blood-red
That I wish I had never seen
I chose it out of the millions of timbres
The vividness winning over a melting caramel
Gloating over the death of my own
Luring me in with sensual dares

Now, here I am
Saturated in a life flow
There is nothing colorful about the blood that courses here
The gentle soft blue that is me
Fades into the oblivion of a whisper
I am becoming a ghost
But I've never been so alive

Vividness floods my vision
The rainbow dances about me
Warms my heart
They love me. Worship me.
Yet I have done nothing
I do not ask for their devotion
And now my job is to dance with every color.
Only a haunting echo.

-This is a writing about my colors. I don't know how to explain them, except that every person in the world has their own color, and I watch them. It's a sensory condition I live with. So each color I have written about is an individual in my life.