Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Beautiful Song

Music, the language when language ends,
That's what a wise man whispered into my ear,
The message that traveled to my soul.
I heard it through a mist of pain,
Tucked it away for later pondering
Wondered at the mysteries of song
Returned to my agony

One day, I emerged from that place
A trifle thinner, a great deal wiser
Saddened by histories of sorrow
I saw the world was a more beautiful place
Than I had ever imagined it to be.
Adventures beckoned eagerly
Comfort softly invited me in.
Happiness gave me a warm welcome
And a harmony drew them all to me.

Of music, I know little
I was transfixed by the notes that
So true to their own form,
Yet pulling each path into a chorus
That sings to me, speaks an anthem
Directly into my being
Until I ache with the wonder and love
That I have for this, the music of angels.
Lyrics echo long after the singer has gone
Working their magic in me.

For time, then, will I sing
Be moved to tears by the meaning
When life has no meaning,
You stir my emotions to an uprising
I reach new heights that top the mountains
Feel the fire in my blood
Rising up to sing a new song
Find within the strength to be
Something I could not have been before.

Ah, music, never leave me
Contentment rides with you
Wisdom is your friend.
Love is your unknown depth
The universe speaks your tongue
And me? I am your choir
The core of your existence
You are created in me.
A most beautiful thing
Powerful in me.
There's a song about that
You just have to find it.