Saturday, November 12, 2011

Going Home

I don't belong here.

Not because its far away, or because I don't have family here. But this is a training command, and not a good place to just hang out. My goal is to get out to the fleet and start doing the job I've been trained for.

This place has nothing for me. I have some friends, who can't wait to leave either. I spent a summer being completely content in this sunny place, and now I'm good to go. All that's left here now are sad reminders that summer is again gone, and that this year wasn't my year for love.

I get to go home for a week. While there, I intend to spend every spare minute with my little sisters and brothers. I plan to spend time with my mom, and work on our relationship. I wanna go back to my bar and see my friends. I've set my priorities. It's going to be a busy time, and a fulfilling one. When I come back, I hope that I will be rejuvenated and ready for another go. This time With the people who count behind me.

This is a part of growing up. Us Bennetts are late bloomers. But I've made much progress this summer. I made a new best friend who I value as much as family. I made choices I never thought I'd have to make. I've dealt with a past I regret. I've faced some demons and learned how to bravely laugh off the worst of times and actually mean it.

So here's to going home. In 12 hours I will be with my Robert and Lisa, and Emily shortly after. I'll post pictures, get ready to experience some Bennett Bunch crazy! We know how to do crazy. :p