Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Inside My Head, Installment #2

So... I think I got a concussion last night. The main reason I think this is that this kid
and I slammed heads so hard I heard a crack. And then I felt a throbbing pain on the OTHER side of my head! Not to mention that I slept last night like I had taken sleeping pills, and I couldn't remember my roommate's name when I woke up. Ouch.

We have a lot of snow here. Actually, more than I have seen all year. That's why school is cancelled! I'm very excited about that.
Our school NEVER closes, so this is a fun occasion. I should be doing laundry today. I will get around to that eventually. I also want to make brownies. It would be fun to smell like a coconut in this weather.

There was an awesome Australian film crew at our house yesterday. I had more fun with these guys than I have any of the previous crews. Aaron and I got to bring friends and eat out with them. They had never experienced snow like ours! It was pretty interesting. Apparently They went to talk to the Campbells, the people I stayed with in Tennessee. The Campbells weren't aware of the subject of the interview. So they were very surprised when they heard it was about me. They then tried to lie and say they didn't know who I was, which obviously wasn't true, since they had also sad I had more problems then then could fix. So I guess in a way I got my revenge on them, or will in this documentery. Not like I was looking to. Part of me is scared that I'm going to lose my friends forever. The other part knows I never really had those friends to begin with.

I have a friend I haven't talked about before... I don't really know why.
He's a really sweet guy.
Oh, and he likes Josh Groban! I love that because he picked someone that I know. Like Celtic Thunder. Josh reminded me of a super sweet shy guy. I wish I could go back to Nashville... specially with this weather.

I got my Christmas shopping done!! lots of cool things. I can't wait to talk about what I got, but I can't yet.

Heart ATTACK!!! I thought I just lost everything I typed so far. But I found it again. Hooray!!!

Time to go do laundry and stuff.