Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Quick Check In

Sometimes it's really hard to write. I get a mental block and nothing I say sounds good. I'll start three or four posts and discard them all.

It's not really awesome to leave everyone hanging, though. So here's my sad attempt at uninspired blogging.

I've started my first job at a real command! It's absolutely epic and promises to be a huge success. This is going to be a job I'll find extremely rewarding, not to mention fascinating. The benefits the navy and my rate have to offer are overwhelming. I'm going to make rank fast. Also, my chain of command is really a huge support network. This is my kind of life.

I've begun pt again. After a few rounds of chemo, I was left absolutely exhausted. I went from 146 lbs. in October, to 107 in December. So it's a huge relief that I'm back in good health and improving.

My little sister is coming to see me in two months! What an exciting perspective. I am super excited. She was my favorite baby sibling to care for, I can't wait to bond with her one on one.

Tomorrow I'll post pictures, maybe write some more. Don't give up on me! :)


Annette said...

What was the chemo for? Glad you're feeling better!