Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Power of I Love You

"I love you,"
He grinned, as he held the keys
To my car.
The one he routinely took the liberty
Of calling his car.
He drive it more than I did
Of course he drove me to dinner
Which I paid for
Because I loved him too.

"I love you.."
He breathed into my neck
As he sank himself deep
Inside of me
Minus a condom
He loved that too
No worries as far as he cared
He wouldn't contribute
If anything did happen.
So I was lucky it didn't.

'I love you'
Something I don't say
Because it's got the power
To inspire life, and death
Say it to someone
Who deserves it
Unless you mean it
Then guard that love

"I love you!"
He exclaimed
"let's get married."
My heart compromised
I knew he never cared
He wanted the extra money
Not me.
I was the liability
He made it very clear
And here I am.
Wondering why I believed
The first "I love you."


Sunshine said...

Few people still hold power in words, and it's a shame. Certain words when used together hold more power than most people will in their entire lives yet few realize it. Words of affection and words of pain seem to be the strongest and your words you wrote seem to have a mix of both. I hope that if your writing was derived from pain that it vanishes or the cause is pushed away. And if it's from affection then it grows stronger and comes closer. Which ever the case I hope for the best.