Saturday, January 7, 2012

Comic Relief

In the evenings, I used to slip down the hall in the barracks to my friend Elaine's room. She didn't have a roommate, which was super cool because I had my own bed to chill on. Then would commence all manner of merriment and relaxation.

One night, we did nothing but read all night long. Our faces hurt from laughing so much. Who would have thought vaginal extract would be a secret ingredient for cookies? Or that you're phone could change 'fajitas' to 'babies'? Not me.

Another night, she introduced me to Ricky Gervais, a most excellent british comedian. I highly recommend him to anyone, he's simply hilarious. That was not as epic as the night we read the whole comic book V For Vendetta, in one night, taking turns, aloud. It have me chills reading it, and it reminded us if bedtime stories, only my mom never read me anything quite so intense.

We had fun in the daytime as well. We were both in the same holding unit, so most mornings we worked together. We went by the name Bannett, a mix of both our names. We would have lunch together, take escorts together... Basically I can't imagine being without her.

Which is why when she got orders to a ship in Virginia, I shut down for about a week. I didn't know how to talk to her. I felt like we had just gotten to a point that we trusted each other. I never expected her to open up to me the way she did. I loved to discuss serious topics with her, because she brought a viewpoint I had never thought of. I needed her.

So, I smiled and laughed through her last days. We watched Sherlock Holmes, ate huge mouthfuls of frosting on a little cookie, and danced in the living room. And then she was gone. My intense, Batman loving, sarcastic, loyal capricorn was gone.

I guess the good thing is that we keep in touch a hell of a lot better than I thought we would. We talk nearly every day, and laugh. She is having a crazy new lifestyle on board a carrier. She is stationed with a mutual friend, and near her sister, and I get to see images and hear stories of awesome adventures.

This has a happy ending. Her home of record is in the town I'm stationed in. so she will be forced to come back and visit me. Get ready, there are so many adventures in store for the two of us. Right now, I'm just glad to say I know a girl who is as raw and real as me, a girl I can trust, and I feel pretty damn rich for it.


Nightingle said...

To quote the song that came on my Ipod as I read this "its not always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise that moves us along. My heart is full and my door is always open, you can come anytime you want. She will be loved.... She will be loved." Seriously that song played the whole time. My Ipod is a genius. As for staying in contact, uh, hell yes. You make me a better person.

Nightingle said...

The song that came on as I read this was almost perfect. Actually given the jokes that we have, it just might be perfect. To quote the best part "Its not always rainbows and butterflies, its compromise that moves us along. My Heart is full and my door is always open, you can come anytime you want....She will be loved. She will be loved." I love you to, and very honored to see that I have my very own place.

1 Busy Mom said...

I'm glad to see someone loves my baby sister as much as I do. Well, nearly. Sisters have seniority, you know.