Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I don't know what to do. I am afraid I've had a bit of burnout, because I was exercising 10-11 hours a week for the past several weeks. But now, I've struggled to get up and work out at all this week. For one thing, the cold is bitter, reaching into the -30 range, and I do hate going out in the cold to get to my workout classes. But I also feel totally drained of energy, like I might not make it through an hour of exercise if I tried. I might possibly have a touch of a flu or cold.

I've been on a roll, exercising a lot and feeling really good about it. Now I'm just languishing about, unmotivated to do anything except go to work in the evenings and help Aaron cook in the daytime. He's taken to preparing new meals every day, and they are fantastic, but I'd love to be working out as I enjoy them!

So... do I ignore the fatigue? Or should I listen to my body and take the rest of the week off? I don't know. This is a very saddening dilemma to me. At least I need to get up and do laundry. Eek.

OOOHHH, I ordered the new Ipad online and I'm getting it next week.... EEP!!!! I've never been so excited!!! I've been wanting one since they came out. I'll be sure to post pictures!!!!


Wendy3 said...

Definitely slow down. Over training is a bitch, and you're likely to plateau or even lose ground until you let your body rest and heal.

I studied martial arts for years, as a non-athletic but determined adult. Over training was actually a bigger problem for me than most of the other more-fit students.

My advice is to limit yourself to a gentle, 30-minute walk a day for the next week or so. But when you're on a roll it's so hard to slow down! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Well, i sure hope you make it 2 tkd 2night..maybe we cando the hot tub afterwards as an award. :) AND..AND..And we have a Super Exciting Weekend Ahead of us...HOoraY ^_^ .. Did i mention it's gonna be Super Exciting :D!!!

I hope you get to feeling better!I've been feeling Blah, myself.
Sincerely Yours!

Gloria said...

You know my opinion. :) Listen to your body...

Anne said...

What they said about exercise! lol!

Sweet!! I was thinking about getting an iPad instead of a laptop...until I found out they don't allow online Flash games!! :( Oh well. I'm planning on getting an iPod Touch when we get enough money!

Jennifer said...

Hi Angel,
I got the impression from a previous blog post that you were pregnant, if so, maybe exhaustion is your body's way of telling you to take it easy. Don't be afraid to take it slow, it's natural!
I apologize if I misunderstood that previous blog post and I hope all is well with you!