Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Aaron Doesn't Believe in Procrastination

Lately I'll be awakened in the middle of the night by Aaron, wanting to know what I think of a certain name. Once I struggle to consciousness, I am once again reminded of how exciting a phase of life we are in right now! All our previous troubles with family and career melted away with the addition of...

Well, we aren't decided yet. Here's what we know. Whether it's a girl or boy, this one is going to be named after my brother. If it's a boy, we were thinking Oliver Andrew. Or Emerson Andrew. We aren't sure yet... If it's a girl, Drew Renee is what we've chosen. :)

We've got a room all ready to decorate. And we have decided on a convertible crib, one we found in Sioux City. Our good friends John and Amity have one that they love. It converts from a crib, to a little toddler bed, to a really nice bid bed once the baby is past age six. They are amazing.

A few days ago I was browsing at the mall in town when I found myself looking at the tiny jumpers, sleepers, onesies, and little socks. It's hard to imagine fitting something of mine into those things!! Aaron saw me looking and hurriedly began, "You know, we don't need those yet, we should at least know what we're having..." I laughed at his nervousness and we continued on our way.

Aaron is the most entertainment I have these days. Amity brought her daughter over to help prepare Aaron to being around small children. Aaron spent most of the evening in a corner, looking panicked whenever Will noticed him. He balked at the idea of her spending the night, because he didn't want to see her cry. And yet, eventually he warmed up to her. By the end of the night, he was holding her and playing.

A few nights later, he walked in holding an armful of baby clothes for Willow. He held them out to her, and she laughed at him. He then handed the clothes to her mommy, turned and fled.

Thank god for 9 months to prepare these sweet men for fatherhood!!


Anne said...

I really like "Emerson Andrew"! I think names are fun to pick out. We aren't having kids for a WHILE but we've already got a girl name chosen. LOL!

Oh and I love the name "Amity" too! Your friend is the second person I've heard of with that name.