Friday, February 25, 2011

Just the Critics, Ma'am

So, Aaron and I have been spending a whole ton of time at the movies. Aaron has about four unfinished bags of popcorn in his cluttered car, and I've got enough movie tickets to start writing critic reviews, I think...

One that I really loved was I Am Number Four. That's about an alien who is trying to get away from some enemy aliens and ends up trying to blend in with small town Americans. Action film with a lot of hot dudes and chicks. Our friends Liz and Jerid went with us to see this, and we all enjoyed it.

Gnomeo and Juliet was pretty much adorable, albeit slightly nonsensical. It follows the Shakespearean tale pretty well. We sat in a theater full of kids and apparently it appeals to kid humor. They howled all the way through the movie.

We went to Just Go With It with our friends Dane and Julia. And the guys roared hysterically all the way through it. Julia and I laughed, but didn't roar... It's an Adam Sandler film with Jennifer Aniston. It was so full of humor that you never really stopped laughing. Oh, and Jennifer Aniston has a beautiful personality. I admire her.

I took my friend Lisa to see t Justin Bieber movie. I wasn't really expecting to like it, but I find his music catchy and I wanted to see what the big deal was. Turns out the movie is a very well-done documentary, and Justin Bieber is a kid I actually respect. He's just a Canadian kid who had a dream and is going with it, having fun. His songs are really good and he has support from a lot of people. His little sidekick happens to be Will Smith's son Jaden. I think Jaden is the picture of a young Will. So adorable with so much HOTT potential.

So, after watching and approving, I mentioned it to Aaron, and he actually agreed to go. He did the appropriate eye-rolling and snorting in front of his friends, and then went to watch it. And he liked it! He came out saying that Justin really isn't that bad, and he is amazed at how many gifts that kid has. Of course, he's still gonna roll his eyes if you ask. But I'm sure the young Michael Jackson wasn't accepted immediately by the young adult crowd either, and Aaron realizes that.

The Black Swan was a really intense show with highly dissonent musical scores. It was beautiful, lots of ballet, but had the wicked side of the swan portrayed by Natalie Portman, and it was so intense it was troubling. But absolutely lovely. I'm not sure I ever want to see it again, but I did like it a lot.

The Green Hornet, on the other hand, was very funny, very light hearted, and really well thought out! I enjoyed the martial arts aspect of the movie. It's about a young guy whose dad is murdered and leaves him with the city's newspaper. And he pretends to be a bad guy so that the other bad guys don't try to kill him, but in reality he is a superhero. Problem is, there is only one bad guy in town, and he doesn't like sharing his post.

Yeah, we watch a lot of movies. It's a great way to spend time with lots of our friends. But lest you think all we do is sit around and be lazy, we have been also working really hard lately. We went out test driving cars for a few days and finally picked a gorgeous beauty that I would feel safe driving my family around in for years to come. I also tested for a blue belt and passed, and now I'm learning the form for a high blue belt. I plan on testing again in October. Amity, Lisa and I have been taking yoga and pilates, and my friend Emily and I are dominating deep waters.

Aaron's been working like crazy, helping our friend Lynne to build a bakery in her garage. He's also been working with our friend Neil a little bit, and Tim and Julie DeFor as well. He helps me babysit, and he's been in charge of sorting out our wedding presents and finding homes for everything. It's been a busy but productive season.

So this weekend we have to see Hall Pass. I hope it's good! It's got Owen Wilson, whom I adore. yay.... :D