Monday, November 8, 2010


I took this photo in Colorado-I absolutely loved our cabin and everything about it.

I decided to do this before the freshness of being a bride wears off. :)

-How long did you date before you got engaged?
2 1/2 years

-Did you get the ring you wanted?
It's ten times better than what I thought I wanted! I'm glad he picked it.

-Was the proposal a complete surprise?
It was a shock, mostly because I thought it would be several
more months away still.

-Do you wish you had a bigger/smaller diamond? If so How big or small?
I actually think mine is the perfect size. He listened when I said not really
big, but not tiny. :)

-Did you cry when he proposed?

No... I smiled a lot, and kind of stuttered.

-Was the proposal romantic or creative?
It was very much both! More creative, slightly.

-Where did you go for your honeymoon?
Estes Park, CO. Beautiful!

-Did you buy his wedding band for him?


-What day of the year was your wedding day?

October 9th, 2010

-What kind of weather?
Sunny and about 76. Perfect!

-Inside or outside?

-Church/justice of the peace/other?
Our dear friend/pastor/mentor.

-How many people were there?

About 200

-Time of day?

3 pm

-Any kind of theme?
It was whimsical... roses and creme...

-How many bridesmaids? Who were they?

There were 5. Em was my maid of honor, of course, and Julie was
the matron of honor. Then I had Cassie and Liz and Marlee as bridesmaids.

-What kind of cake/what did it look like?

Like this :)

-Where did you have the reception?
At the vfw

-What kind of dress did you have/color/material?

It was white, um... not sure what material, but it was gorgeous. It
was a ballgown style, strapless, with lovely beadwork.

-What kind of flowers in your bouquet?

They were roses (white, creme, and red), baby's breath, and greenery.

-Kind of engagement ring?
the engagement ring is a diamond surrounded by 10 smaller stones.

-Kind of wedding bands?

A thin band that twines around it-its' a set. Aaron's is Platonic Titanium.

-How did you wear your hair?

Really feathery, updo for short hair, and highlights.

-Who was it important that they be there?

James, my old pal from singing school, and my other mother, and Gloria,
clear from Canada! And the wedding party. And my dad. I was glad for
absolutely everyone who came.

-Was the reception big or small?
I would call it pretty big. We comfortably fit in the room though.

-What did the groom wear?

A tux, with ivory shirt and paisley tie. It was Calvin Klein-dead sexy!

-How long on Honeymoon?

Around a week
later was when we went.

-What did you do?

Well, we spent a day driving, and ended up in Fort Collins at a lovely
lakeside campground cabin. We ate find dining, and the next day we shopped
in Boulder. Then we went to Estes Part and had a VIP Tour with the most cool
tour guide ever. And then we bought more shirts and trinkets and apple butter and
taffy and sweatshirts and hats and scarves and gifts for each other than we knew what
to do with. And then we spent a day hiking in the mountains and around a huge lake and
waterfall. Then we drove all the way home, and on the way, we ate alligator, kangaroo,
wild boar, buffalo, elk, and ostrich jerky. Yummy! And we did other things that I won't
talk about, of course, honeymoon things.... :p

-Was it modest or costly?

I guess it was kind of in between... for us it would have been really costly. But
we had a lot of help, so we were able to go all out. We had napkins with our names on them...
and a really amazing dress... and lovely decorations... and a lot of food... thanks to the
people who paid for all of that stuff!

-How old are you and the groom?

He is 22 and I am 24. For now.

-How long were you engaged before you got married?
7 months. YIKES!!!

-Live together before or wait till married?

We lived together... but in separate rooms. We lived with his parents for a
summer, and I got a floor to myself. Then we moved into the dorms, where
he slept in the dorm above me. And since then, we moved into a house, where
I slept with Cass while Aaron got his own room-till now. Mua-hahahha!

-Take a long time to plan the wedding or was it simple?
It took the whole 7 months. Was that a long time?

-Did you do it yourself or with family or hire someone to plan the wedding?
It was the combined efforts of Aaron and I, Lynne, Julie, and Mom Hoyt. And
the grandmas, of course!! Ohh, and Cassie.

-Did you write your own vows or use something pre-made?

We wrote our own. Funny story... Aaron forgot his at home, so he kind of made them up
as he went at the wedding. So he ended up saying, "I promise to do whatever you
want me to... even if I don't want to." I promise never to play that card on you, Babe.

Sigh.... I love being married...


Gloria said...

Oh, happy memories of your wedding! <3

I LOVED Aaron's vows- I laughed so hard! Talk about submission! *sniggers* Ah, it was a lovely day- I'm smiling just thinking back on it!