Thursday, November 11, 2010


Three years ago today, my phone rang. I groggily reached for the desk. It was about 2pm, and I was napping, getting over a bit of a cold. "Hello?" It was Aaron, a boy from my choir. He asked if I wanted to get some lunch-his treat. I said yes, somewhat hesitantly. I wasn't sure what he wanted.

We went to a Mexican restaurant, where we proceeded to talk for the next four hours. When we finally left, we went to the mall for a little while. He worked at Penney's, and we looked around for a few minutes. When the mall closed, we went to Skyview Lake, and sat for about 3 hours talking. And then, we went to Walmart and messed around with one of the employees that I used to work with.

In the end, as I was leaving, he walked me to my car. He didn't waste any time. "So, would you be my girlfriend?"

and the rest, as they say...

I love you, Aaron Lee. Thanks for asking me out that day!