Friday, September 10, 2010

The Kitten

Like a star in Orion's belt on the blackest night
Are her eyes, sparkling with excitement
She lifts the sleepy bundle into her arms
Caressing the little animal gently
It's tiny claws knead in and out of her skin
But she laughs, cooing, "it tickles, kinda"
From somewhere deep inside, we hear a hum
That means the kitten is contentedly serenading
She lays it down on the sofa, covered by a baby blanket
And sits right beside it, humming in tune,
Until they both lay in a tangle, fast asleep.

Disclaimer: This post does not mean that I adore
kittens. I momentarily was caught in the moment
when I saw a little friend of mine playing with
her kitten. And it was kind of cute... What am
I saying!?!? It WAS a cute kitten. It will soon
be a not-cute cat.


Ash said...

This is how I feel about the human species - cute when young, but not so appealing as an adult.