Thursday, September 23, 2010

Story Bank

Once upon a time...

Of course I love stories. When I was young, I loved
when they were about me. Not so much anymore, though.
My own story is so much different from my mom's,
from my sister's, etc. It's my own. And I don't think
that's a bad thing~

Mine is the only ending that is turning out
exciting, free, normal, happy, and something I would
say is worth living. I would love to tell my own story. I
am not interested in making money, or exposing a religion,
or anything like that. Just telling my story.

Are people interested in hearing? If so, I will start a
sectional about my story, separate from my personal
'fun' blog. I think it would be fun, and I could maybe get
some extra college credit with it. :)

It wouldn't be an easy story. Nor would it be used to
hurt anyone. It would simply be the truth, told from
my perspective as a child and growing into the college
student I am today.

Angel Renee


Anonymous said...

i would say that if you feel it is a healing thing for you, you should definitely do your own blog. esp if you can get college credit!

i have read your mum's blog and must say that she seems very self centered. i understand she did not have an easy life but it really seems to be all about her. and she is of age where she needs to learn to think about other people. i'd say you are probably better off distancing yourself from them.

but i'd be careful with a personal blog, just make sure you do not expose too much of yourself and your story to the public. it is hard to pull back from that once you have done it. i do not know you or your family but hope all goes well for you in times to come. just stay true to yourself as you have done.

Anonymous said...

I like reading other people's stories. I would read.

Gloria said...

I second Anonymous #1: be careful what you put up. Your mom has proven that she has no qualms about using personal revelations against you.

But of course, you know I'd love to read anything you write! :) <3

Dawn Marie said...

I think you need the healing, and you are such a gifted writer. Who knows who you might touch!