Thursday, September 30, 2010

The End of the Beginning...

"I think you should just shut it down completely." Someone said these words to me yesterday. He was referring to the blog.

I'm not too keen on the idea. But, it's scaring me. The past 2 nights I've had nightmares of the police showing up on my doorstep again, handing me papers that my mom served me. I'm so scared of them doing that again. I just moved, so that may be the only reason they haven't done so yet-Mom may not know where I live so can't give them an address.

My life has been hell. I'm choosing not to be a victim, actually doing something big with my life and escaping my past. I really don't want it to follow me anymore. I want my wedding day to be the start of something new, something beautiful, and something in which the echoes of the past are faint.

So, this is my pondering day. I may have to close down this blog, lose all my writings, and sacrifice my fun. I LOVE writing on my blog! Such a lot to think about. I will let you know soon.


Gloria said...

ugh. I hate that your mom is such a miserable person!!

Another option- how about something like Live Journal? That's where I do all my "private" writing, and only users that I add as friends are allowed to read what I write. That keeps it out of sight of the general world, but still gives me a place to pour out my heart. That way, you mother couldn't affect you anymore, and you could control who reads what you write. :)

Bessie said...

You should do what you need to do, whatever it takes to move on with your life. Perhaps you could start a blog under an assumed name? I think being able to express yourself is important... but you gotta be able to live your life without harassment too.

Anonymous said...

Her blog was public and talked a lot about you, why can't yours be public also? I hope you don't shut it down, and I'm sorry your mother is so spiteful :(

Anonymous said...

If your blog is your personal opinion or experience, she has no grounds to close it.

For it to be libel, it has to be untrue, not based on opinion.

Its craptastic that your mother is doing this to you.

Good luck, Angel. Hang in there.