Thursday, September 30, 2010

I'm Going For THAT Look Again???! And, of Melting Hearts

When I was a little kid, the huge glasses that covered your whole face were in style. Mmmhmm, I'm that old. Not only that, but add a perm and you were set. I hated it.

I was nine when I got my first glasses. I had bug eyes, and when I cried, which was every day, my eyes looked puffy and red, magnified by the glass. My hair frizzed out in every direction wildly, and I wore Little House On the Prairie dresses. I looked like a huge loser. Well, not huge. I was a stick.

So when I turned eighteen, contacts were the first thing on my list. I braved sticking my fingers in my eyes over and over, learning how to insert and remove the things. And I never looked back at glasses.

With contacts, when I cry, people stare at me and ask, 'do you wear colored contacts? Your eyes are the most beautiful blue I've ever seen.' I like that a lot better. I didn't even have blue eyes as a kid, they were green, and I didn't like them. Now they are brilliant blue, and I wish they were green again, but I do like the angry-sea shade they get when I'm sad.

For boot camp, we are required to wear glasses. Not just any glasses. These are called BCGs. That stand for Birth Control Glasses. Cause they are hideous! I'm so looking forward to that! Not!

So, I'm investing in a pair of real frames. This way, on graduation day, I can peer at everyone from a fairly stylish pair of spectacles instead of looking like a sad, sad geek.

I know, fascinating subject, but I was just thinking about this for the past week and decided to post my resolution here. I'm buying glasses! And this time, they are NOT taking over my entire face.

As an ending, I'm gonna post my favorite, darkest poem that I wrote in March of 2008. It's called Melt My Heart, and it is now showcased at my college. :)

No blood flows

In these dormant veins
Ice alone inhabits
These sad remains

No longer runs life
In arteries so still
The glacier hands shiver
Numb from the chill

Silent for so long
Fading fast away
Catch a sudden glimpse
Of hope by light of day

Then, slowly warming
An anger starts to grow
Heat begins mounting
Sudden spurts the flow

Emotions running rampant
A cold heart screams
Erupting, fiery fury
Mourning broken dreams

A hurricane depicting
The passion of the grief
Will calm of joy return
Defying all belief?


Tanya said...

When I saw "BCG" I knew exactly what you were talking about :) My husband still has his from basic training (25 yrs ago!). He nonchalantly wears them sometimes just to torment me.