Sunday, April 19, 2009

Post Tour Performance-Sad Goodbyes...

So... this is the new look I'm gonna be promoting for next year.
It's comfy, sexy, and yeah! It works.

'Listen To the Music'

That's my sister Lydia!

'Listen to the Music!'

'Witch Doctor'
This song was my favorite!

I brought Andrew up for the song, 'My Guy', performed by the girls. He looked absolutely petrified and made for a lot of laughs! He didn't even wait for the last note to finish at the end of the song-he bolted from the stool and was gone!! haha, my family's weird that way.

'Best Of My Love'

'Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch (I Can't Help Myself)'

'I need you and nobody else-
In and out my life, you come and you go...'

-another favorite! Although in this picture,
I was really sad because I realized this is
probably the last time I'll ever dance with Mike. :( *tears!