Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life on the Road in Quotes

"Anytime before seven is quiet time!! Now sleep."
-Mrs. B at 5:35am

"I'm gonna play a wake-up tune just for me, cause I CANNOT wake up!"
-Mrs. K at 7:05am

"You better hope I don't fall asleep or die, or no one will catch you when you fall!"
-Ethan, who catches me on the end of 'Witch Doctor'

"Alright! Lookin' good Angel!"
-Michael, dance partner on 'Sway'

"Why can't I have a kiss?!"
-Whiny boyfriend on bus

"No PDA between couples!"
-Mrs. B-on why Aaron can't have a kiss

"Twilight! Oh my gosh! Twilight!"
-Kayla when picking a movie

(THUD)"Hi, my name's Aaron...
-Falling during the first show!

"Hello! I'm from Ethan...uh, and I'm studying Physical Therapy?"
-Introduction gone wrong

"Hi, my name is Bryon, and I'm studying...YOU."
-Introduction directed to highschooler

Here he's learning to ride a motorbike

"Is that my dress? Yeah, I think that's my dress."
-Kayla, looking at my dress and wearing hers

"Is that a double scoop? No? Wow... I'll get a double."
-Marlee envying my ice cream

Dog Trainer: "A dog can only have one master. Which one of you have the most authority in the relationship?"
John Grogan: "Oh maybe I'll just stand over there for the beginning."
Dog Trainer: "I thought so."
-Marley and Me-movie of our choice-we ALL cried

"We're the best of friends, 'Marlee and me'..."
-Yours Truly

"I'm just a fool-a fool in love....with you..."
-Tyler 'Earth Angel'

"My feet hurt SO bad! Thank goodness we're done for this week!"
-General quote spoken by all girls on bus

Northeast Singers Express 2009-Week #1

So... click on this picture to see it big, cause it's pretty cool!