Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life Is A Church

Today in Mythology class, my teacher commented on the influence of religion in our country. Most of our beliefs, standards, and morals are set on religious ideals rather than our own self-introspection and soul searching. He reminded us that even though we would often like to place our emphasis or loyalty with a certain religion, denomination, or belief system, in the end what really matters is what WE did. That the spirit of god is within us, whether it is a higher being or our own creation. And that no matter what we believe, or who we believe in, that no four walls of any place of worship is big enough to contain it-Life in itself is a church, and we are the vessels of worship and awe. That reminded me of a song I used to love, Life Is a Church by David Phelps. I hadn't listened to the song in a while because the words reminded me of my days of 'slavery' to religion. However, now I find them quite fitting within this new point of view-it is amazing how much people have in common deep within, if we could only move past the superficial surfaces of religion. More on that later, though-I could write a whole book on my musings on this subject! Listen to the song, though-it's pretty great and awe-inspiring!

Watching the surf cover up my toes
Breathing the salt air from the coast
Ten years old with my eyes pressed closed
Life is a church

Remembering first love’s tender kiss
Mourning the loss of my innocence
The bittersweet taste of it on my lips

Life is a church
These are the sacraments
This is the altar
Love is the spirit
Making the blue planet turn
Life is a church


Watching my baby being born
Written all over you, pain and joy
Holding your hand, it’s a little boy


Ashes to ashes earth to earth
The preacher throws in the first handful of dirt
My little boy asks me, “Does goodbye always hurt?”

Halleluia, Halleluia, life is a church

By Marcus Hummon