Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Break Getaway...


Why is it that I never think to plan ahead? Four days off. That's enough time to get the hell out of here, find a perfect vacation spot, and escape this hole of a town where I currently reside. But instead, at the last minute, Aaron and I decided to go to an arbortoreum in a nearby town.

Aaron thought I needed to sit in the tree. Boys do that sort of thing.

There are fascinating things in this big old world. Good thing I still have time to discover them.

Yup. I'm pretty sure that was painful.

Did I mention there was a park?
There was a park. :)

The Boy and I in the park. Spring is a lovely time to be together.

The disappointment was the fact that the mouth of the cannon was closed up.

Why would you even need to fire if you could charm the enemy's socks off like that?!?

Aaron really enjoys lakes. I think it might be his sweet spot. He usually leaves a lake looking happier and a little less burdened.