Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Meaningful Being

Standing on the shoreline
Resisting the pull of the wave's gravity
As it lures us into it's own mysterious, dark deep.
We are transfixed, lost in the moment
Or it could have been hours.
As the ocean sings to us
A sparkling song of power and beauty
Stopping just inches from our exposed toes,
This glistening, living wetness
Lively and magnificent in it's dance.

And it whispers and shouts,
Millions of messages to us
Like the millions of thoughts that pass
Through my head in a split second.
It screams might, it softly beckons
Speaks of peace and war and terror
And love, and danger and depth.
Until I become whole with knowing
Until my heart is full.

I finally tear my gaze away from the sea
Becoming aware of your presence once more
You mirror my contented glance
Laugh at the hilarity that is life
We try to control the uncontrollable
But it keeps rushing at us, unconstrained
We should just watch, and be filled with what it is.
With a sigh we return to our gazing
At the being that roars at us
Outstanding meaning, and we are whole.