Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Might Need a Hug

So, I wrote a couple of posts last week, and thought nothing of them. Then I figured out that my military friends actually READ this blog, unlike my Nebraska and Tennessee friends. (Hi, military friends.)

Now I can't think of a single thing to write about. Because the purpose of this blog is to entertain, and to arrange my insides. Now I personally know the people I'm entertaining, and I don't think I want to talk about myself anymore. Therefore, I will talk about other people.

People are backstabbers. At least in the United States they are. I'd recommend not trusting any one person fully. Because when it comes down to the wire, no one is going to lay down their lives for you, unless you're part of a functioning family unit. More importantly, people are interested in doing things to benefit themselves. Behind every successful person is a crowd of trash talkers. Because that's the most simple way to tear down people you consider a threat.

People are afraid. I've never met a person who doesn't live life afraid. Afraid of what people will think of them, or afraid of what kind of consequences will follow their decisions. Afraid of who might be waiting in the dark. Afraid of the unknown, afraid of the known... we are just a fearful race, and it limits us severely.

People don't know how to trust. But that's easy to explain, because people know everyone is a backstabber. So we wear masks that take months to uncover, and that's if you are extremely honest or an irrevocable fool. Instead they create a false impression that is what other people want to see, in their opinion, anyways.

People are vicious. The most satisfying thing for someone is watching someone else suffer. Life is a game of destroying others, and putting oneself at the top. But once they get to the top, they keep on hurting people, because they can and because we are carnally savage. So much for civilization. We can't evolve because we are stuck in a cruel, ignorant cycle.

People don't know themselves. Of course, they can't truly know themselves because they invest so much into other people. If they want to feel better about themselves, they create ways to make everyone else inferior to their own standards. If they want to gain power, they simple start stabbing. If they want to hide, they lie. If they don't want to face the monster inside, they turn to the nearest drama and get involved.

I'd like to say there is hope for an open world and a positive future. But I see very little. The fact that I'm in the United States Military, and I have to watch my back constantly, tells me that you can't trust anyone. Knowing that you can't even count on your closest friends since childhood not to turn on you should let you know that you should definitely not put your faith in relationships.

People are savage, unknowable creatures. Love is a word they can toss around like killer whales play with a baby seal. Hate is alive and strong. Judgemental attitudes abound. Religion is an excuse to destroy children in the name of God. People take you to your lowest lows and expect you to refuse dependency, addiction, or hopelessness, and get back on your feet with a smile. Fuck. That.

People really suck.

Disclaimer: This post was not intended to offend anyone or point out any certain person. I realize that not everyone fits this description. This is simply a slightly exaggerated expression of my feelings for humanity as a whole. If you've gained my trust and you know it, then disregard this post and be happy to know that to at least one person in the world, you are worth a lot. And please be yourself and don't turn fake on me. You're the only ones keeping it real.


Kris Heimes said...

:-) This does describe many people in our world. We are all flawed in one way or another. Our self-centered lives disappoint our family and friends, and we let them down too often. BUT, where there is life, there is hope. With each new day we should determine in our hearts to demonstrate love, joyfulness, forgiveness, kindness, ain't always easy but it is possible.

Anonymous said...

Thats capitalism for you.