Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Few Things I Know

The rain in Florida is sporadic and breathtaking.

I love running in the pouring rain to get food.

Navy food, while better than most branches, is only slightly better than college cafeteria food.

It's hard to eat food and sing along to music at the same time.

If I hear Taylor Swift sing again, I'll pull out my hair. With my teeth.

Taylor Swift is too country for someone who lives on the beach.

The beach at night is far, far better than a day in the sun.

At night, the sky is as freckled as a ginger and I love it.

Redheads get a lot of attention. Both positive and negative.

One negative about the Navy is that you have to say goodbye a lot.

Goodbye always hurts, sometimes a whole lot worse than others.

One way of getting over a hurt is to write it out.

Writing is my own personal form of relieving my mind from the worries I carry.

I worry about the choices I'm making every day.

I chose the Navy. For a better present and future. I'm trusting myself on this one.

I'm the one person who has never let me down.

Taylor Swift is singing again.

I can't pull 2-inch hair out of my head with my teeth.