Sunday, July 31, 2011

Evenings With Morris

Yup. I know it's cliche. That's why I'm not writing a book. But for a blog, that sounds like a pretty good series.

I spend a lot of time with a lot of people. Aaron of course, and my shipmates from boot camp. But lately, Corry High has caught up to me, and I can't stand drama. Therefore, my idea of a good time is a laid back, relaxed person who isn't being shot at from all angles. And that's why I am glad I met Morris.

Morris is a Sailor. He's also a Scorpio. He's my permanent liberty buddy. And he is one of the coolest cats I've met here. Every weeknight, he and I race out of the schoolhouse and straight off base. We find food, and then find a filler for the rest of the night. Sometimes we watch movies. Sometimes we explore the beaches. Sometimes we just drive and sing at the top of our lungs. Almost always, we talk. And I'm going to start making posts about those talks.

Sometimes, we talk about religion. We've both been burned, so it's a mutual topic for us. Mostly, my belief is that I'm the only person who can decide what's right for me, and same goes for everyone. Therefore, I will support anyone who I truly believe is making what they believe is the best choice for their lives. And I would appreciate the same acceptance. No one has the right to judge another if their intentions are honest. So we have some good discussions about that.

Another topic that comes up is relationships. It's no secret that Aaron and I are struggling. He's on his way to the Navy, and I'm so engulfed in school, plus I can't go off base alone. Morris has some very interesting perspectives on relationships, so we can talk for a limited time about love and life. If being emotionally damaged can have a good point, it's that both of us can be open with the other, knowing that we aren't in danger of being hit on or flirted with. We're really good friends, and neither of us is going to compromise that.

I like when we talk about philosophy. A standard by which we live our lives. He is a lover of truth, and I always know I can get his true opinion. We're just a couple of young people starting off in our careers and looking forward to a great future. Life holds a lot of hope and adventure for us. And we like to talk about it.

But more about our talks and adventures later. For now, this introduction is pictureless, because I don't take a lot of photos anymore. But I'm going to go find him right now and get one. Then I will post it and let the fun begin!


Anonymous said...

of course you and aaron are having problems. you continue to go on and on about all the great people that you have meet since in the navy and your new bffs and he is stuck just sitting on the sideline waiting for you. in reading your older posts it would appear that he helped you get out of the crazy family world and now that you are far away you can just leave him.