Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Physical Training

Never knew physical workouts could be torture sessions
As you finish a short sprint, your hands hit the asphalt
And we lift and lower our bodies in the muggy morning

Pulling strength from an inner source we never had before
Searching for that last spurt of energy
Our hearts pound against the walls of our ribs,
Screaming back at our lungs to let us relax.

Somehow, I finish first, and collapse to the gritty surface
Sucking in air as I wait for you
And then we are up, on our feet and bracing ourselves
Lunging forward into another high-speed run

This, we knew, was the Navy life
But now, in it's raw reality, we wonder if we should regret
But as the sun dominates the morning sky
We head to the showers, ready to dominate another day.