Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wistful Dawn

The day pensively began. Slivers of pale light slithered restlessly across the ebony canvas of the sky. With deliberate tension, dawn began to fight the stars that sparkled like brilliant solitaires.Grudgingly, shadows that had hidden beneath the opaque cover began to melt away, revealing the frosty white-chocolate-covered earth and it's inhabitants.

This glimmery lucent atmosphere creeps into my little haven, where I have contentedly been given to peaceful rest throughout the witching hours. Enthusiastic tendrils of dawn begin to frolic over my face, and though I draw the comforter up and hide, their job is done and I am alerted to the new day breaking. My cozy cocoon is penetrated by the shaft of sunlight that promises warm welcome, but is deceiving. Slowly easing out of deep rest, the cool air kisses my skin and leaves me shivering.

These are the days of searching. What is under scrutiny is life, is truth, is reason. In ensuing thought processes come hours of wonder, light as an airy orange dreamscicle in Autumn. As often are the moments of waiting, considerably flavorless and yet sweet, like a vanilla twilight. And on occasion, the dark chocolate kiss of mourning, knowing what of life is bitter even as it melts into a sweet savory history. I wander from Memory Forest to Now Island and Vision Mountain, always aware that Dream Cove is my final destination.

The undercover of evening comes sweetly at the end of each working day. I curl up next to the man I call mine, pulling into my security where I drift away to Neverland. Once tucked beneath the waves of unconsciousness, rest is precious like air transforming to gold. Wintry nights fill my dreams with a rainbow of spices, nutmeg and peppermint, delighting sensations of soothing Groban and Owl City, and colors weave solemn arrays of astonishing hues. And so, I breathe in the tranquility, until the sun again seeps through, wistfully whispering in the dawn.

For the past few nights, I've taken melatonin before bed, as well as doing a yoga session in the daytime. It's helped me to relax and made sleeping much more pleasant. I'm also taking a relaxer for my jaw, and thankfully I'm not drooling or anything with it like I thought I might! :) Thanks for the suggestions!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are helping. I was worried that I was being too forward with my suggestions.

-Amy (the first anon on the other post)