Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top Ten of O'Ten

These are the most momentous moments of my year. Kind of in order.

10. May 9, when Aaron and I spent half a day at a scenic park, before going to Target, where he proposed... and the rest of the day, who knows where we went. I don't, cause I was on cloud 9.

9. May 6, when I became the first person in my family to graduate college!

8. July 7, when Aaron and I legally married, for the Navy's sake. It wasn't a big deal, but we got to sleep in a hotel together after, which made it a special day.

7. July 12. That was the day I stood next to my pal for life and made an 8-year commitment to the United States Navy. A commitment I have not regretted for a second.

6. August 6th. That was the day that Aaron's mom and I went to pick out my wedding dress. With Robert in tow, we shopped for about an hour and found the perfect dress. That was the day I felt truly accepted into my new family.

5. August 14th-I stood with Cassie, Aaron, and Robert and sang 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey, on top of a water tower at Oceans of Fun. By the second chorus, we had the whole crowd singing with us. There is something exhilarating about starting a mass sing-along, and I very much enjoyed it. And of course, when we stopped singing, there was the thrilling ride down the slide of doom.

4. October 9th. When Aaron and I officially got married. I promised to be by his side, hand in hand, for as many years as we saw fit, hopefully forever. And he promised to do whatever I wanted him to, even if he didn't want to. :)

3. October 23 was my favorite day of our honeymoon. We spent it shopping for cozy hoodies, blankets, boots, and touring Rocky Mountain National Park. And of course, eating amazing burgers and candies, drinking, and soaking in a hot tub with hot cocoa and ending with a movie in front of the fire. Mmm, LOVE it!!!

2. November 13th. I spent that whole day in a cabin with my best friend in the whole world, reading books, watching movies, and being perpetually drunk. Oh yeah, sweet bliss. Also my first snow of the season.

1. Today! Nothing amazing about today. Just that Aaron and I went Christmas shopping together, and then wrapped gifts by the tree while watching holiday movies and eating lasagna and cookies that he made. Am I a lucky girl or what?