Monday, December 20, 2010

White Vanilla Christmas

When polar bears dance,
Not clumsily like they ought but with magical grace
When gingerbread men speak
The moment you paint a frosting smile on their face
Then you know it's Christmas...
Once you're sick of shopping
And content to snuggle at home with homemade treats
Once the presents are wrapped
All our friends at the house, fighting over the coziest seats
You know it's got to be Christmas!
If you step into the great outdoors
And somehow the bitter, piercing cold feels right
If you can skate in the driveway
Your best friend starts an all out snowball fight
Of course it has to be Christmas.
When sleep brings sparkled dreams
Reminding you your wishes have come true
And little frosty penguins shine
On a pendant at your throat in ivory and blue
It makes you glad it's Christmas...
As Santa's elves frolic about
Singing songs of Christmas joy and cheer
And you look forward gladly to
Whatever awaits you in the coming year
Dear Readers... Merry Christmas.