Thursday, December 9, 2010

Inside My Head, Installment #13

Wow!! The end of my 7th semester in college! I can't believe I lasted this long!! Today I finished 2 of my finals and I'm done with Human Relations and Medical Terminology. Actually, medical terminology was a lot of fun. I would cuss in medical slang. "You ligamentous salpingo!!" translates into 'ligament-imitating fallopian tube'. Ah, the sweetness of it...

This Sunday I'm co-hosting a party at my favorite store in the mall. The hostesses get 35% off our purchases, and everyone esle gets discounts too. The only problem is that we aren't sure where we'll be stationed next winter. If we are in Norfolk, then it will be no problem. But in San Diego I doubt that fleece and denim will come in handy. We were talking about Georgia, actually, and we hear that they have plenty of use for warm clothes-it gets down to a frigid 73 degrees!! Oh, the chill!!

Nebraskans... kind of are too hearty for that. It's been down to 13 degrees in the past month, snowed several inches, and iced over our windows many nights. And I've seen a total of 4 winter coats on people in town, the day after Thanksgiving. I'm torn between being a tough hearty Husker and a little freezing southern gal. hmm. Let me go to Georgia and get back to you on that.

This week, my friend Julie and I scheduled massages. I've had a few massages before and they were pretty good, relaxing, but not really anything monumental. My perspective changed though! Jennie, the therapist, dug her elbows deep into my back and shoulders. It was the most painful thing I had felt in ages. I moaned and gasped throughout. And yet, when it was finished, I felt like sleeping. The next day I was sore. Like I had worked out for about 3 hours. But the day after that? Oh my goodness. I walked around with NO tension anywhere. I was happy. Wow!!! Loved it!! Thanks Julie, you know how to pamper a girl!!!

Cassie and I have been rocking the pilates and yoga. Observe:
um.. those are called... crunches...
That's called cat. There's also cow, but it's unflattering. Cassie
did it, and then she wanted the picture deleted.

Oh, and I found Nemo!!
He was in my shoes the whole time-no wonder he couldn't
find dad!!!

And last but not least, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret as to why my life is suddenly perfect. I couldn't ask for better. Not only do I have a loving husband, doting family, a super Christmas coming up, a lot of friends helping me through the whole situation I'm in, and a best friend going into the Navy with me, but.... Introducing...
My baby. :)

AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love her!!!! My sweet Sailor.


W. Lotus said...

I need to schedule a massage. I've been saying that for a few years (since my last one), and your post reminded me of that.

Enjoy your holidays and that sweet car!

Angel Renee said...

:) The massage and the car are amazing.