Thursday, August 26, 2010


Welcome Autumn!!!

School has begun, and so far I'm dominating all my classes. I love not studying and passing with As!! Not everyone in my family has that capability. I bet Andrew does, and I guess Brother Dan probably does. Hazelle? Maybe!! Anyway, I guess the hardest class is Personal Finance simply because it involves percentages... but I have an amazing friend who whips through them for me. :D

We are moved!! Text me if you ever want to come see it. It's right downtown, a 3 story house with a newly remodeled kitchen. I share a room with the Candy Man. Recruit Pisces sleeps downstairs. We have empty rooms, new carpets, and as before, over 300 movies and games that makes our house the party house. That's the way we like it!!

Last night, we wandered over to the next door neighbor's house. He sat with a group of peoples around a campfire and there was a jam sequence in session. So we joined in and had a pretty fun night. Our neighbor likes to play harmonica, and he has a sweet motorcycle which I fully intend to ride this fall. In other words, we really like our neighbors!

The wedding plans continue. We got a song choreographed which the bridesmaids and I will dance to. In fact, it's going to be a wedding party dance-off! Saturday is my first bridal shower. It kind of makes all of this seem a lot more real. That, and we just mailed our invites this morning. I will put up a picture of the invites soon. They are beautiful. Candy Man's parents are doing a fabulous job at turning this into a very grand affair. Our grandparents are pretty awesome too. :D

Taekwondo began this week. I went up another belt this summer. My goal is to be a high blue belt before I leave for the Navy. It's looking pretty hopeful, as there is another testing in only 3 weeks!! Moving right along!!! Coupled with pilates, running, and PT, I am soooo sore this week!! But a good kind of sore, the kind that says, 'you're gonna lose the hereditary hips. You just fit into your 2007 jeans. You're gonna be ready for basics!!' Recruit Pisces has been the amazing transformation, though. She's lost the weight like crazy. Wish I could lose like that. It's awesome!!

I went to a casino for the first time last weekend. It was pretty insane. My uncle from Nashville was visiting, so I went with him. I would have liked to do the races, but it was a little late when we got there. The old stories are true. You start out winning little to moderate amounts of money. I mean, I started with $100 and got up to $183 in a few minutes. And then just as fast, I lost it all. Yup, it was plenty of fun when it wasn't my money. Still, I was cringing just a tiny bit, thinking, ohh, rent, you could have been paid tonight... but the later it grew and the drunker I got, the more I got into the drama of gambling. So, that was a fun 'new'. :D

Well, it's getting late, and the Candy Man should be getting home soon... probably ought to go turn down his covers and rub his sore feet and do his homework and dishes while he watches tv....

Or not.