Saturday, August 28, 2010

That's One Doodle That Cant Be Undid, Homeskillet...

...not that I would ever want it to be undid.
if makes me what to cartwheel around the world
and gives me the creativity I need to make
a few more doodles just like it.

Friendship is an art. It begins with a line-a
path. That line meets up with another line, and a
sketch begins. Weaving about intrinsically, the
form takes place, and it is a beautiful thing.

So that's all the poetry I feel at the moment. I like
how tall Green looks next to me, even though she's
really not taller than me by much.

Smile, Green.

Let's try a Twilight pose!! Okay, this looks pretty
realistic. Pretend the houses are mountains, and
we look simply, horribly beautiful. In a dead way.
Or not.

And there you have us! The sketch of carefree
youth and friendship. That is to me one of the
most awesome mysteries of life.

Signing out,