Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Old Photographs and Star Dust

In case you ever wondered how the signs of the zodiac are
different, I'ma gonna show you in this post. I'm using
all siblings, with maybe one or two really close friends,
to describe them. This is kind of a farewell to the younger
stars I grew up with. A bittersweet farewell.

Here's a little piece of happiness to start us off. A Pisces,
to be exact. Scorpios and Pisces are very much harmony-dwellers.
They tend to live together peacefully almost always. My lil
sis is mature beyond her years and very gracious. She pulls
on her inner strength and is as a result very low-maintenance.
Did I mention I love her?

I know, I know! She's hot!! She's a Leo. I can't
help it. I looked cute, at least!! Some of us pick up on hotness
better than others. I miss you Hotness!!!

fPisces!!! Okay, so she's not a sibling, but Recruit Picses is my
best friend, and our signs equally adore each other, so...
She can be on this page. No, we were not drunk in
this picture. And no, we aren't insanely funny and strange.

A fellow Scorpio... my big brother. He's recently moved
away and gotten a girlfriend, another statistic. :( <---- sad But he's in my heart every day, because Scorpios always make themselves indispensable.
Scorpios always feel endearment towards Pisces and Aries.
This little brother is a mixture of both, born on the cusp. So
of course, I just want to melt when I look into his big
eyes and feel his tiny hands hugging me.

Scorpios are the most powerful sign in the zodiac, attracting
all the other signs like magnets. The only sign Scorpios are
irresistably drawn to are Cancers. This brother of mine
is my million bucks. I'll never stop loving him.

When you're in the hospital, you don't really care how
you look. But this is a more recent picture of the one
and only Virgo in our family. Virgos tend to be anxious
little guys. lol no comment there. But they are also
very determined, and she is...

These are my Martial Arts homies. They've
been a big part of my life since I was young. We
all strive for excellence and self-control. It's helped
mold my rages into something composed and thoughtful.

This is my favorite, most, and least realistic
photo of me. I love it because it shows
who I am inside, not so much outside. Scorpios have
many sides to them, and it's very hard to tell which
emotion is going to pour out of them next.

(To be continued...)