Monday, August 30, 2010

There's No Place Like Home...

First and foremost...
We made it a priority to raise the flag and hang our
recruit hats. Please observe a moment of respect
for our United States Navy...

Okay. Next!

This is our new kitchen. It's a lot nicer than the old
kitchen, I promise!! Lots of nice new cupboards and
an oven that works!!!! Sooo exciting.

This is our livingroom, with Recruit Pisces gracing
the sofa!! She was pretending to ignore me. We were
watching Family Guy when I decided to take pictures
for you, dear reader.

This is our favorite corner. :D Okay, not really.
But it's a fun corner!!

This is our table centerpiece. Our theme is Paris
cafe, so... yeah! Pumpkin candles smell so
Autumn-y, by the way.

Can I call this art?

We have a corner for scrapbooks too. This is from
a day in Wayne, over 400 days ago. The friends
that grace the pages are the ones I hope stick around
for the better part of forever.

Yes, we still have our entertainment. Recruit
plans to put them in a big cd case and bring
them with us to A-school. Hooray!!

Um... the bathroom? I guess. The least charming
room of a house. Maybe one day this will be the
outdated outhouse and they will make a big book
with pictures of bathrooms.

Of course you can't tell who this is!! It's just
a silhouette. The background is our new house,
by the way.

This... is a picture of the rocks in our backyard. When
it's light out, I shall get better outdoor pics.

This is Alexander. Alexander is my new tree. I love
him more than any of my previous trees. He
sort of fits perfectly into my eager arms.

This is our cool new neighbor. We'll call him the
Busch Man. Busch Lite NA, if you want to be specific.
Busch Man is pretty cool, I suspect you'll be hearing more
about him. He likes music, like we do, and that made
him the topic of our conversation the first night we
slept here.

Conversation About the Busch Man
Recruit Pisces: So....
Me: Yup! I know, right?
Recruit Pisces: Yup...
Candy Man: Huh? Want a beer?

It was enlightening and lovely.

The Busch Man has a lot of cool things. He also
had a really cool pose when he leaned against the
car. But I took too long to capture the 'senior pose'
and I got this instead. Hey. It shows his friendly nature.

Candy Man: Want a beer, Busch Man?

So... our neighbor has the sweetest bar in town, I think.
I absolutely want to drink a beer at that thing. Can
someone say, "You look like you moved to the
west, Angel!" Cause I guess I did! (Nashville,
you are just as classy, I promise)

The Busch Man also gave us some props for our photos.
And so: Recruit Pisces on the Badmobile!!!!

She is a very good driver. She's just tired.

I like ta drive with my head in the clouds... all I'm
really missing is the cigar.

That's the make and model of our tree. We drive
it almost every night. We like cruisin'.

There you go!! Part of the new house!! To be continued...