Friday, April 30, 2010

Life Goes On, Despite My Being Stuck In This Moment

So, it would seem that show choir tour is over at really flew by! The picture above is of the
really awesome Alice in Wonderland throw that
I got on tour. It's super warm and features a super
creepy Johnny Depp on the front.

That's Grady. He's going to be a priest one day,
but right now he's just my-sort-of-cool show
choir friend. When he dances, he wears a very
confused face and has to be prompted before
every move. It's fun.

We went to Cabella's for a while on our last day of
tour. I found this jacket and I LOVE it. I didn't get it,
but if you want to get me a super nice present just
because, that jacket was only $25! And it makes my
hair look sexy.

This was taken right before a show. Aaron looks
pretty cheesy, but he was rubbing my back, so
I thought I better post it so y'all know what an
awesome fiance he is!

Michael Buble's song Home was one of my
favorites. I'm with Ethan, pretending like he
is my lover far away, and wishing he would
come home to me... or something like that.

So now what? Oh yeah, time never slowed down for me at all. I got home from tour on Sunday. We had a great time! On Monday, I got two freakin' huge homework assignments. Joy! On Tuesday, I had an award ceremony at school. They named me NECC English Sophomore of the year, and said I was one of the most creative people walking around the campus. That made my day! They also featured me throughout the book 'Voices Out of Nowhere', the campus book that gets published every year. My favorite poem that they published was this one:

By Angel Bennett
I wish I could feel the thrill
You display when you leap
from the sofa and hoarsely scream
I wonder at the pull of sports
Drawing son and quiet father
Into the fierce excitement
Touchdowns inciting furious joy
Or disappointed rage

And I wait to know that passion
When your gaze falls on me
The real, live prize you caught
As your heart swells with passion
Until you jump from your seat
And engage in aching love
That draws rapture from my lips
And find relation in the feeling
In my own soul:
The passion of victory in our arms.

So, those were some fun moments. I'm about to get inside my head again, but I think I will post that separately so you can distinguish my deep thoughts from my updates. :D