Friday, April 9, 2010

Love Story

Well! The wait is over, now I get to deal with the bustle!
At least we have a year to plan! I'm still in shock. I am
setting up an account where I will tell our engagement story. Here's
just a little teaser for you guys, though...

So, I've been stressing out a little over the proposal. I mean,
he says he wants to get married in May of 2011, but we don't
have any plans about getting to that point. So I'm telling him about
this as we are shopping one day. "I think we could just get a dummy
ring until we can afford a more expensive one." He just smiles and
shakes his head. "We are getting you a real ring, you'll just have to wait."
I groan, but keep walking. He nods down an aisle. "Let's look for a picture

Oh my gosh, so awesome!


Katie R said...

Please don't wait too long to post more!!!!!!