Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some Ideas...

Not sure if this will fit the wedding we are planning,
But I think it is the most awesome dress I have
ever seen, and I like it very much.

I really like the neckline and the sash. If I could do this
without the dress being sleeveless/strapless, I would love it.

I kind of like this neckline. Just the neckline.

This would also be kind of cute, I think. The neckline
and the bow. Aw!

I like this dress because of how it is close fitting,
up on top. I think that is all.

If this dress had straps, I would be in love with
it totally. I like the fit a lot. It's kind of plain,
but I think I like the simple look.

Disregarding the neckline, I like the fit of this dress
as well. It's kind of mermaid looking on top, but
then it flares out a little.

I like all the ruffle-y things on this dress. It's, like,
tiered, and I think it is lovely.

On this dress, I adore the straps and neckline. Also,
I think I like the material on the bottom a lot, it
looks dreamy. If I were getting married on the
beach, I would love the hat too.


Grace said...

I love love love the first dress you posted. I hear you on not wanting a sleeveless dress. They're so hard to find!!!
I've just about decided on this dress. Corset = <3 !!!


Angel Renee said...

That is Beautiful!!!! I LOVE that dress!!I really like the first one I have too. I'm really close to picking it.