Thursday, May 13, 2010

Inside My Head, Installment #8

We have a new roommate. Liz, our good friend from the dorms, moved in last night. Whenever Liz sleeps over, she and Cassie and I stay up half the night giggling. Last night was no different. I'm beginning to wonder if we shall ever sleep now that she's moved in. Last night I told them a story at 1 in the morning that made them laugh till they cried. The story was this:

A Sad Story
When I was five, I had a little stuffed animal. It was a puppy. My puppy's name was Toto. I slept with him all the time.

When my mom went to the hospital to have her baby, my sister, she said she was going to miss me. She asked if she could take Toto with her. I said no. She took him anyways.

When the new baby came home, my mom kept Toto. She slept with him every night. I was very sad about it. I didn't get another stuffed animal for two years.

I have had nine stuffed animals since then that I have slept with. All of them ended up with holes in their crotches. I think it's because I ripped their tags out when I got them.

Aaron asked me what I did to my animals in my sleep that they all have holes in their crotches. I told him don't know. But everything I sleep with gets a hole in the crotch. I told Aaron this.

I think Aaron is going to sleep in a different bed than me forever.

The End.

Did you like that story? I thought it was rather imaginative. And it's true, to boot.

I graduate on Saturday... I will be the first in my family, probably ever, to graduate from college. Some achievement! Although it is only an AA, not a big deal.

Our cat had a kitten the other night. We are calling her Cricket because she has a high-pitched, tiny meow.

Here's a picture to make you happy!!!