Monday, May 31, 2010

Power of a Picture

I freakin' love pictures I can edit.

Example #1:
This is a group of people I trained with for months,
literally, to get to this moment. Some of the people
I couldn't stand, while others I loved (Aaron I
loved ;). But at the moment this photo was captured,
all we could think about was that moment and
how much we all loved to dance, sing, act,
and perform. It's all there!!!

Example #2:
Okay. We all get along, but I think that's because
we take out all our rages on each other. (you are
my target. So what if you're eight? Come here and
help me kick the crap out of Bob. Then I will kick
the crap out of you.) We hardly like taking time out
for pictures. Can you tell? White belts are the worst
at cooperating.

Example #3:
Alone, we would look like this:
Me: slightly insane, kind of crazy. That's not the
same thing, I promise.
Cassie: Why is she throwing sand around? Some
kind of lunatic? Like the technicolor shirt, by
the way.
Aaron: Pretty much just pathetic and sad. Yes, that's
kind of the same thing. I don't care.
All put together: We wished the summer would
last foreverr... those were the best days of out lives...

The best of the best! A heightened moment
that usually only comes once in a lifetime, and
good thing because it is overwhelmingly sweet and