Thursday, March 26, 2009

Oh, The Cleverness of Me.

The following is what happens if you try to cut holes in your jeans. While wearing them.


Sabrina said...

First off....why??

Secondly... Ummmm ok

Third.... SERIOUSLY!?!?!?

Holly said...

Ow!! That looks rather painful, and silly, but at the same time, totally something I would do! :P

Brooke said...

Oh no! I do stuff like that all the time - it's one of the consequences of doing stuff before you think about it lol.
I second Sabrina's 'why?' Were you going for the whole 'grunge' look? For more authentic-looking holes, I suggest crawling everywhere :-P

I found your blog through your mum's over at No Longer Quivering :-)

Angel Renee said...

I WAS going for the grunge look! I find it marvelous, and I have never actually done it. Plus I have a weird relationship with knives. I can relate to Sweeney Todd in an inverted way?