Saturday, February 11, 2012

Some People Are Dumb.

Sometimes people are really dumb.

I'm watching a show, currently, called Dance Moms. The reason i'm watching it is because all the women on it are absolute bitches. The funny part is that I'm pretty sure they have no idea how dumb they are looking to all of America. (and any other country who might tune in.) These ladies have little girls who dance for hours a day on this dance team. The girls are all really sweet, really good friends. The moms are the ones who fight like little kids! They all scream at a mom if her kid gets a solo. Then they all pay the fat dance teacher favors to try and buy their kid a solo, but it doesn't work. I'm addicted to the show because it gets more dramatic every episode. I'm pretty sure this Tuesday one of the moms is going to hit this other mom and get her kid kicked off the dance team.

But I don't have to watch this show to get my dose of dumb. I was at the mall today with my boyfriend Gabe. We were shopping for some dress shirts for him. (we found some really nice ones.) I walked by a young couple, like probably college age. The girl picked up some ugly guy shorts and said, "ew, look at these really short shorts, haha..." And the guy said, "I would wear those shorts if you wanted me to! I would wear them in front of a whole crowd, proudly!" That was a pretty dumb thing to promise. I left laughing, because I was pretty sure I saw an evil glint in his girlfriend's eye.

You don't even have to look hard to find dumb people that you know. I met a guy in boot camp who was really fun to tease. I don't usually poke fun at other's expense, but in boot camp, you get torn down so much that if you don't bring someone else down sometimes, you might just cry the whole time. This boy was named Scott. He looked like the Pillsbury dough boy. When he got mad, he turned very red. He got mad super easily. One time he was mocking some other recruits. They were talking at meal time. At boot camp, you don't talk at the table. He saw an RDC and started telling him, "ha, those shitbags won't shut up!" He said that like six times. Then the RDC made him do pushups for talking. When he sat back down, I laughed at him for being dumb. He turned red and flipped me off. Guess who had to do a million more pushups?

Sometimes, it's not too hard to be dumb myself. Last year, I thought that men ejaculated the same color as their skin. Last month, I brushed my teeth with shoe polish. Last week in the shower, I whipped my hair back and forth, cause the song was on, and I fell out of the shower and hit my head. I bet Willow Smith was never that dumb. Last night I scared myself when I touched my head in the theater and thought someone else touched me.

Today I was making dinner. I put a pot of water on to boil. After about twenty minutes, I noticed that I had turned on the wrong side of the stove top.

Some people are really dumb.


Nightingle said...

I miss you my girl. Its been WAYYYYYYY too long. Still we do what me must. At the moment I am planning on making some changes for the better. Wish me luck.