Sunday, February 12, 2012

On Dreaming

Have you ever heard an awesome story about something someone did and want to make that experience your own? Or have you watched a show or movie and felt like you'd give anything to jump through the screen, like Mary Poppins into a sidewalk chalk picture, and become a character there?

I have. My favorite is looking in a dream home magazine, spotting a lodge in Colorado somewhere with fireplaces and hot tubs and lots of bay windows, and imagining that I was snowed in in one. I'd love to go skiing sometime, just to be able to spend a night in a lodge and drink hot cocoa while wearing my favorite cozy outfit. I even know that I would love to have my pals Emily and Robert along on that specific adventure.

It would be easy to lose yourself in the dreams you create. When the movie Avatar was released in 3D and IMax, there was a flurry of news reports about people committing suicide after watching the film. The world of Pandora seems to be a utopia in a world of really discontented workers.

It's so sad to realize that people go to work every day for the sole purpose of collecting a paycheck to support themselves. Such an overwhelming number of citizens in this country despise their careers, but believe they have no choice but to slave away the best years of their lives. They don't have a passion for what they do. There is no pride in a cause that changes the world, and they are a part of it. To me, that is a fruitless and very desolate way to live. So many hours are spent at work, that it's really almost half, if not more, of your livelihood.

I joined the Navy. Not for everyone. It's hard. I can't just call in sick, ever. I'm thousands of miles away from my loved ones. My friends here aren't here to stay. In three years or less, I'll be uprooted and start a tour elsewhere. I have to be at work early in the morning.

But I can say this. I wear my uniform with pride. I own a set of dog tags that remind me that my job is the one I used to envy, that sets my patriotic heart on boom. I'm immersed in training and working out to stay fit for call of duty. I stand watchful for threats to my loved ones and I'm their protector. My job is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

When someone can honestly say that about their job, then they are set for some rich and happy years. It's what I wish for my little sister. It's what I hope for the tired old lady at the dollar store down the street. It's a joy to talk to my seamstress and know that she is doing something she loves. It's the American dream, baby! If you have the opportunity and the motivation, you CAN achieve success! I want my sister to realize that, because I love her and would like to see her finally find herself and love who she is-a unique person, like me, but nothing like me! But every bit as valuable and successful.

Wouldn't you love to love who you turn out to be? Isn't it great to think your dream can come true-it's not a fairy tale? It's all about seeing what you want, and setting your goals to work towards that dream.

'Great it is to dream the dream
When you stand in youth by the starry stream
But a greater thing to fight life through
And to say, "The dream is true."'
-Joel Osteen