Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Most Necessary Introduction

Sometimes, when I'm feeling really good about something, I don't write about it. It's almost like some superstitious idea, that if I focus on the good, it will suddenly vanish into the depths of an evil presence that wishes me nothing but bad. But every now and then, I will lay aside my concerns and write. I write down the things I don't want to forget. I write them, and if people want to judge me, that's their choice and I am unconcerned with their problems.

Something good happened to me. Something beautiful. Unexpected. I made a new friend. An unlikely friend. Someone who brings a smile to my face and comfort to my soul.

I'm not one for sharing everything about my friends on here. Colton got a lot of negative attention when I mentioned him. And I know, some people just can't understand how Aaron and I went wrong. But you weren't there. If you were, you would have been hesitant. I know. I didn't claim to know what I was doing. I still don't. But I claim to know myself a whole lot better than I did.

And I know that I trust my colors. My new friend has colors that are tinted golden. He's funny, he's a little strange. And he knows what to say to make me happy. He knows how to reassure me when I'm worried. He's smart. We think a lot alike, and we enjoy each other's company.

I wrote, because I'm not sure how to say this, but he is a good thing in my life. I'd love to keep him all to myself, but part of me is this blog, and people wonder why he hasn't been on it. So here is the introduction, and rest assured: now that's out of the way, you'll be hearing a bit more about him. Be nice.


Anonymous said...

good to hear you are happy. sad that you had to tear apart so many people to be so. so many bridges burned, may luck be on your side.

Angel Renee said...

Interesting perspective... I haven't torn anyone apart, ever. People are responsible for their own reactions. But I'm used to getting criticized for my free will. It's still looked down on for girls to think for themselves, especially when one puts her own needs ahead of other's. But I chose to do that so that I'm stronger in my efforts to help others.